Let your imagination run free

My pit toilet is the entrance to the Forbidden Forest. I saw Aragog hanging from the ceiling. My sitemate Liz’s pit toilet is the entrance to Narnia. The Borrowers live in my house. A few months ago I was convinced a serial killer from Criminal Minds was in my ceiling. How did I realize there wasn’t anyone up there…shoved my dog up there to investigate. And Parasy has a voice when she talks to me. She’s more of a southern gal and speaks with a country swag as Usher coined on The Voice.

When we’re not working, we tend to either read books or watch media. I try to divide my time between the two. After all, I looked through the list of media I have consumed in this country and could feel my brain cells dying. Plus, I am no where even close to my goal of reading 200 books in country and that is something I want to accomplish.

I’m revisiting books from my childhood: Harry Potter, Lemony Snicket, Chronicles of Narnia, the One Last Wish Series by Lurlene McDaniel, books that were a requirement at school that I never appreciated: Ayn Rand, Aldous Huxley, Margaret Atwood, plus many others, and books recommended by the literary enthusiasts of my fellow volunteers and friends, Monica and Liz.

So if you have any good book recommendations, throw them at me. I would love to read your favorites and add a quote or two to my book journal and reading corner wall.

Slowly getting those brain cells back…one book at a time :)


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