What Locust outbreak…oh wait, that one.

BBC reported over a month ago that Madagascar was having the largest outbreak of locusts in a very long time. However, ask any volunteer then what BBC was talking about and they wouldn’t have a clue. Grasshoppers are everywhere in this country; the people eat them as meals and for snack. However, I don’t think any of us have observed a humongous swarm of them destroying the crops. So BBC, I think you’re trippin’.

However, today I was sitting in my house reading a book and I hear repeating clangs on my tin roof. Thinking it was the start of a rain storm I ran outside to collect water in my bucket. Yes, shower night!! I got more than I bargained for. I was greeted by millions upon millions of locusts. Locusts landing in my hair. Locusts taunting Parasy and flying just out of biting reach. Locusts flying through my window, entering my house.

What did I do….well after the prancing around screaming ‘Eew, eew, eeewwwww’ swatting locusts off of me, I boarded up my house and sat in darkness before deciding to crack a window and take pictures to document this event. After all, I’m in Madagascar for only 10 more months and I’m probably not going to experience this again.

So BBC, I now know what you meant by a locust outbreak. And a locust cloud. And how absolutely absurd and yet normal my life is in this country.

a close up of what I saw for one week straight

Parasy confused as to what is going on..


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