Bucket List

1. Meet Jodi Picoult
2. Sky Dive
3. Write a book (regardless of it’s published or not)
4. Design and sew a piece of clothing
5. Learn to play the guitar
6. Shoot a gun
7. Pick a lock
8. Learn multiple language
9. Take a self defense class
10. Become a licensed scuba diver
11. Meet Taylor Swift
12. Go on a cruise
13. Go out on outreach trip
14. Learn morse code
15. Bungee jump
16. Swim with a dolphin
17. Zipline
18. Learn to square dance
19. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
20. Fly somewhere First Class
21. Milk a cow
22. Pet a giraffe
23. Go on a safari
24. Drive across country
25. The Egyptian Pyramids
26. Do a marathon
27. mud run
28. ATV
29. Eat at French Laundry
30. Bake a wedding cake
31. The Vatican
32. Meet Nicholas Sparks
33. Price is Right taping
34. Be in four states at once (Four Corner States)
35. Visit all Disney Parks
36. Taping of the Ellen Show
37. Go to the People’s Choice Awards
38. See a ice hotel
39. go to an ice bar
40. ski in Colorado
41. Mount Rushmore
42. Niagra Falls (the Canada side)
43. Walk a red carpet
44. London
45. See the Roman Colosseum
46. Up close to the Hollywood Sign
47. go apple picking
48. Rock climb
49. Visit the Greek Isles
50. St. Louis Arch
51. ride a camel
52. Great Wall of China
53. Parasail
54. snorkel…anywhere
55. bake cookies from scratch
56. learn to surf
57. hanging bridges, Costa Rica
58. complete a ropes course
59. Amazing Race-esc Adventure
60. Wine tasting in Napa
61. Hot air balloon ride
62. Ride a mechanical bull
63. White water raft
64. Meet the Backstreet Boys
65. Go to a Broadway show
66. Statue of Liberty
67. Thank Sara Shepard for creating Pretty Little Liars
68. Times Square
69. Be in NYC to see the ball drop for the new year
70. Explore a cave
71. Join the Peace Corps
72. Ride an elephant
73. Angkor Wat
74. Adopt a dog
75. Cape of Good Hope
76. Iceland
77. Galapagos Island
78. Jump off a cliff
79. Learn to do a handstand
80. Attend a taping of the Big Bang Theory
81. ice skate on a frozen pond
82. Meet the comedians from my childhood favorite show, Whose Line is it Anyways
83. Reach the basecamp of Mt. Everest
84. Be the one to ask the guy to Two Step
85. Alcatraz
86. …..


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