The generosity of strangers

About a month ago, I published my story of my dog, Parasy, and the bumpy road it will be to bring her home to the States. I reached out via the internet to everyone to help bring my dog home. I was overwhelmed by the responses I received. People I barely knew, or not at all, donated. My blog averaged 2000 viewers a day for the period of a week, and is still getting traffic. I have raised just over half of the money needed to bring Parasy home in March. Thank you! To friends, family, family of friends, friends of friends, and donors who wish to remain anonymous, but you know who you all are. It’s amazing, the generosity of strangers.

Parasy’s journey to California occurs in five months. In just under half a year, she will make the journey alone to California and wait the three months for my service to be up to join her as we start our next journey, law school and dog parks. Human and dog respectively.

But, thank you to everyone that supported my crazy plan to bring Parasy home. Those who donated must understand to some degree the attachment I have to my little friend. And she has something she wants to say as well.


If you still have yet to read my story about my Parasy and want to donate to help bring her home, the link is below. Thanks for reading: Parasy’s story


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