The only Malagasy you will ever need to know.

The first half of this last week, I conducted a hospitality training in Antsirabe, Madagascar. I focused on social networks, marketing, and expectations of hotels, especially hostels. RAVAKA is an tourist organization that has decided to convert the second story of their home into a hostel. They have asked me to help this happen, and I can’t be more thrilled.

In between sessions, a fellow volunteer and I decided to make a podcast of Malagasy sentences. It started out as a joke, something to pass the time while Cyclone Felleng raged outside. But after an hour of brainstorming, we became very serious about it. Before we knew it, we were recording it and editting so we could share it with others. We went for sayings as outrageous as possible, some things we actually say, others, things we want to say, but may not have to guts to.

So please, sit back, and mazatoa.

And as a preface, one of things we want to say but don’t is that we will eat children. Parents in this country tend to tell their children that vazahas eat children if they misbehave. Sometimes, if the situation is right, we want to play on this myth; we don’t, but it doesn’t hurt to dream. So just think of that when you listen to our podcast. :)


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