Thank you readers!

The other day, with unlimited internet at a PC Meva in Fianarantsoa, I finally went through my unread emails in my inbox. Over 1000 emails, oops. Things got a little out of control there. WordPress, for the new years always sends out an email covering your year before, number of views, most viewed blog post, etc. It’s always fun looking at the information and reminiscing over the previous year. This year however, they decided to include a photo of the world, and mark all the countries where your viewers viewed your blog. I was expecting the United States and Madagascar to be the only countries colored. Because obviously, my friends and family live in the States and I’m serving in Madagascar. However, I was surprised to see that 90 countries were highlighted. Ranging from just one reader to thirty readers, there are 88 countries with readers besides the States and Mada. So to anyone, anywhere, reading this post right now, thank you for showing an interest in my writing (no matter how sarcastic it has gotten) and thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read my entries. One year of adventures down, and one year to go.

Blog Readers Map2


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