My daily routine

Friends and family,
Yes I am still alive and sorry I have been pretty AWOL the last few weeks. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have already started my work (or a little bit) in my village of Alakamisy Ambohimaha. I got a puppy (and she has become quite the vazaha princess. And I have tried to become as tamana (settled) as possible in my house. Just so you know I haven’t been lounging around watching Gossip Girl (well that might actually be kind of true) here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

A typical day:
430a: be awoken by the princess of a puppy to be taken outside under the conception that she has to go to the bathroom when in reality it’s to see if any of my neighbors threw a bone out last night.

445a: get rather irritated that Parasy hasn’t gone to the bathroom and just let her off her leash and run around by herself so I can go back to bed.

6a: the stupid alarm clock goes off and I roll out of bed…again. Pick up after Parasy who has decided to go to the bathroom in the house.

615a: cook breakfast (mainly vary sosoa (watery rice)) for Parasy and review some Malagasy words that don’t ever seem to stay stuck in my head

7a: start my breakfast run which consists of four or more stops, getting a small bit of food at each hotely so no one feels left out or jipped by the vazaha. And each hotely has their bomb specialties. Yogurt at Msr. Ramon, Compose (a noodle/potato salad/broth breakfast) at LaLa’s, fried mofo balls and coffee at ICantRememberHerName’s place, and hot milk at other ICantRememberHerName’s place. And yes I drink coffee now. Loads and loads of coffee. Never thought that would happen right?

8a: return home to find Parasy has destroyed my house…again…and start picking it up

9a: if it’s a Thursday or Saturday, teach or help teach a class to CEG kids (middle school). Any other day, probably shop in the tsena and try to find some ripe and tasty food to cook for meals that day

1030a: start cooking lunch

12p: finally finish cooking lunch and eat it. Watching two to three episodes of a tv show occurs.

2p: Bonaventure aka Bone (a neighbor and friend) stops by and either a tutoring lesson on my part (I’m teaching him keyboarding) or on his part (language lessons) takes place.

3p: Lycee (high school) English club or keyboarding class at the Commune (town hall)

5p: Adult English club

630p: start cooking dinner and eat dinner

730p: watch another episode of Gossip Girl

830p: take Parasy outside and make her ‘go potty.’ Oh and she doesn’t go but rather sits and stares at me.

9p: BEDTIME!!!!!

And repeat.

So not all Gossip Girl….but just enough to make me happy.

xoxo Gossip Girl (just kidding, I meant Christina)


One thought on “My daily routine

  1. Kimmie Lough says:

    So how does it work when the village dosent run in a time clock? You have stated in your last post that the people there don’t run on time…I find that so amazing to just wake up when you feel its ready. So how has the weather been? It’s been hot than food then hot and repeats over again. We are getting into summer so are you just getting into winter? Not sure how it works there. That is so cool to hear your puppy is giving you a great time. Still glad to hear that all is well. Miss you and keep having fun. Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures.

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