The newest addition to my family

Meet the newest addition to my family, Parasy Betro (or in English, Flea Rabbit). She is two months old we think and was one of a litter at my site mate Savanna’s neighbor’s house. Animals here are not really treated the way they are in the States, but rather abused and neglected. I saw Parasy scounging through the trash looking for something to eat, and my heart just melted. This is the dog I need to rescue. You could see her ribs through her skin and it reminded me of the dog I have back home when we rescued her from the shelter. I gave her some food I bought from the closest mpivarotra and her jumping around like a puppy should be is how she got her Gasy name. Savanna and I couldn’t decide on which to chose, so Parasy is her first name, Betro her middle, and her last name of course Nielsen, mine. Parasy just needs a little loving and in the next week or two I’m going to take her to Fianar and get her all the good stuff, vaccinations and getting her fixed. I don’t need a million little Parasy running around.


Sorry for the lighting, better pictures to come soon.


3 thoughts on “The newest addition to my family

  1. Kimmie Lough says:

    You have made kimmie so proud!!! I’m so greatful you gave the animal a home!!! Now you will have best friend for life!!!

  2. Steve and LeAnn Moore says:

    What an adorable little puppy. She is one lucky little puppy to have you. Sounds like life in Madagascar is going well. Take care sweetheart!!!

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