This is how I manasa lamba.

Manasa-ing lamba deserves a post to itself. Washing clothes sucks here in Mada. With the continuous rain and humidity, it takes a good two days for any article of clothing to be semi dry. And the back pains from bending over a bucket for a few hours scrubbing, no fun. So Leslie, Sarah, and I have made the decision that if we really want to manasa lamba we do what any normal American would do…use the shower. Warm water and being able to sit down, I’ll take that any day. The other volunteers laugh at us and think we’re a little strange, but last time I checked, some have made the switch to shower manasa-ing.

Oh washing machines…I miss thee.



3 thoughts on “This is how I manasa lamba.

  1. Steve and LeAnn Moore says:

    Great picture! I’m sure you miss the conveniences, but you have a smile on your face and still git-r-dun. Proud of you sweetie!

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