Home Sweet Home

This blog has been MONTHS in the making. I know all my friends and family want to see my house and where I live. To be honest, I was sort of a procrastinator. I painted half of my house, got lazy and then stopped. I really didn’t want to post pictures of something half finished so I decided to crack down this past week and complete what I like to call my humble living situation. In all seriousness, my house is considered quite posh by Peace Corps standards. I have four huge rooms including my kitchen, one in which I had absolutely no idea what to do with until last month. So I did what any other volunteer would do, make a walk-in closet. Yes, my shopping problem has not stopped because I moved and now live in Madagascar. Quite the opposite actually. Brand names and vintage clothes for cheap?! I like to label myself as a frippe-oholic.

Enjoy the pictures. You may see something you gave me before I left the States, sent here in a care packaged, or a picture of us hanging around the house. And don’t forget to take a second to see my little princess of a dog, Parasy. She makes an appearance too!



Oh hey there Parasy!


My bedroom is the door to the right, and my closet inside that room to the left.




my kichen complete with charcoal for cooking, and of course a chicken curtain.




the walk in closet…duh. :)



3 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. mph11 says:

    Hi! I am going to be a PCV in Madagascar March 2013. Your house looks pretty amazing compared to others PCV pics I have seen. This is random, but how easy/hard is it to own a dog there (yours is adorable)? I have seen various opinions towards having pets, especially dogs, in Mada, but I have a feeling I will want one!

    • cmnielsen says:

      It’s not hard to have a dog, but it is difficult to introduce the Malagasy people of the idea that you have a dog. In most parts of the country, dogs are fady (taboo) so the Malagasy get really strange when they see you petting your dog, picking her up, etc. But if you just explain to them that dogs really aren’t mean and won’t bite any person, but need some love, they start coming around to dogs.

  2. Kimmie Lough says:

    I love your house…you look like you are so at home there. You did a great job decorating the place. Can’t wait to see more.


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