Tena badass i Alakamisy.

Or in English, Alakamisy is such a badass. (credit to blog title goes to my sitemate Liz)

English club is starting back up. It sort of fell apart when Savanna left. But a new education volunteer has arrived and she very much excited to start it up again. We have tried two weeks to mandray olona or receive people for our English Club classes. However, with the rainstorms we have had lately, our students have not shown up. That’s how life works here. If there is rain, a hint of rain, or the looks like there is going to be rain, nothing gets done. It’s one of those hide in your house days. Most days, I don’t complain. Especially with the rain that we had last night. Hail, constant booming thunder, and reoccurring lightning that made it seem like it was day out when in fact it was 9pm. I pretty positive my house got struck by lightning. That’s the only way I can explain the sparks coming out of my converter box and the buzzing sound as my house shook. If not, then maybe I need to be placed on some meds.

Anyways, back to the story. Liz and I have gone to the Commune building two weeks in a row in hope the students that really want to learn English will show up regardless of the prediction of rain. A little too much to ask. Once again, tsy tonga ny mpianatra. We decided to wait around a little, make our faces known so any one that didn’t know us already would see us there.

Bone, my unofficial counterpart, was playing Bol, sort of like Botche Ball if you ask me, came up to us and said we weren’t allowed to wait in my office. The Mayor is building an office on the bottom level of the Commune for me so I have some place to talk to people and make myself seen. He actually has conconcoted a layout that will include my office, a small class room, and then a room where Liz and I are going to place the books and computers we have been able to start for a project. The office is not even remotely done yet, but we were going to start having people come to it to sort of push the building process along.

“You can’t receive people in your office today,” Bone says.

“Oh, because it’s not ready yet,” I answered.

“No,” Bone’s voice gets really low, “there’s Dahalo in there.”

Dahalo is tribe of people in Madagascar who turn to violence for most circumstances. It’s the closest thing to a gang we have in Madagascar. The capture of the leader results in a cash reward of equivalent to 5 million US dollars, or something ridiculous around there, which in the States is a lot, but in this country, it’s like infinity. $1.50 for wages per person a day, $5 million reward. That will provide money for three lifetimes or more here.

So what I’m trying to say, my village of Alakamisy is a badass. End of story.


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