The joys of being a mother to a 4 month puppy

-Her constant need to play 24/7 even when you’re absolutely exhauasted
-A neverending stomach. How much food can you possibly put in there? Oh wait, there’s still space.
-Even after being house trained, the need to go to the bathroom indoors even after you just took her out
-Going to sleep when you don’t want her to and then not sleeping when you want to go bed
-The irony that Parasy seems to always have parasy (fleas) no matter how much I wash her with anti-flea shampoo
-Your dining room chairs are her chew toys even when she has plenty of toys you have purchased on market days
-Her thinking your hand is a chew toy, owwww that hurts!
-Her CONSTANT need to bark all day and all night long
-The constant return of her having worms (maybe if she would stop eating trash when I let her out for her 2 hour run around every night) and the lovely aftermaths when you give her medicine
-After being shown how to jump on chairs by your counterpart once, you leave the room and come back to find her standing on top of your table eating your dinner
-Running away from you when you call her to come here
-Jumping on you with her muddy paws because she decided to play in EVERY muddle puddle after it rains; and you had just put clean clothes on
-Chewing through not one but two cell phone chargers

…and then there is…

-Always being greeted with a wag of the tale and jumping
-She thinking she’s going to lap dog forever when in reality she is going to be upwards of 60lbs
-Chasing you around the room informing you it’s play time
-Having your neighbors think she is misidika and that she’ll kill them if they get too close…ummm have you seen her face?? She tried to fight a small chicken, the chicken won. But she has become a personal security system
-No matter how mad I can be at her for being miditsa (disobedient), she gives you that puppy look and you can’t be mad at her any more.


One thought on “The joys of being a mother to a 4 month puppy

  1. kimmie says:

    That’s what I love about puppies…they are little hell raisers…but will be there for you at any cost….I’m glad she is there to protect you. And look at it this way she will have a couple more months and then she will be out of all this…

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