A scenario gone wrong

Did you know Madagascar needs a subway system? No…cause I didn’t either until I took my LPI today and said that’s what it needed (final language test of PST to see where I test in my language).

For a minimum of 25 minutes, we’re supposed to converse with the tester. The questions are based off of the way the conversation flows so there really is no way to ‘study’ for it. At the end, we are given a scenario and we have to try and act it out. Mine: you have returned home and want to tell your friend about an event that happened to you in country. Describe the place.

(for your pleasure I have translated the conversation. Keep in mind, I only have 2 months of language lessons. And yes, the conversation was not changed from its original content. Hand gestures were most definitely used)

Me: Hello friend.
Tester: Hello. What’s new?
M: Nothing, and you.
T: Nothing.
M: So I just returned from Madagascar. Very good is Madagascar.
T: Ahh good.
M: I went to Tana. Tana is a big city. I live in a small city. I went via taxi brousse. The taxi brousse was bad. Bad roads. Not good. Very bumpy.
T: Oh that’s not good.
M: Yea, there aren’t stone roads here (yes I said stone roads…I know. And this is where the conversation gets interesting).
T: Oh are there stone roads in the United States?
M: Oh yes yes yes.
T: What about taxi brousses?
M: Oh no.
T: How do you travel then?
M: There are these trains below the land called subways.
T: You don’t use cars?
M: Nope (again I don’t know where I was going with this)
T: Do you think Madagascar needs a subway system?
M: Yes they do, but first they need to fix the roads. Bad roads there are.
T: Can you talk to the President about that?
M: Absolutely. No problem.

Yeaaaaaa….I was the entertainment back home and I’m the entertainment here. :)

Oh and my sister works for the police of the water. Can you say language train wreck?


3 thoughts on “A scenario gone wrong

  1. Jack and Linda Nielsen says:

    Love it! You are definitely entertaining!! Now, which president are you going to talk to??? And, which sister were you referring too??? I love it Christina. I miss your stories, and I can only imagine the hand gestures that went along with this. Will talk soon. Happy 23 and 1 day! Love, mom

  2. Kimmie Lough says:

    You know what I think is the most amazing thing about this story, its the fact that you are still you. I think you need to look at the bigger picture…for only having a couple months of the language….you actually held a conversation!!!! I think that is great. I know that I wouldn’t be able too…man i have a hard enough time with English. This story is great and I can’t wait to hear more to come. I hope you enjoyed your birthday. Miss you so very much.

  3. Laura Calvert says:

    ohhhhh… this was a fun story!! haha… thanks for sharing! :) learning a new language in 2 months is quite an accomplishment. i took spanish for 3 years and still wasn’t very good… keep it up christina! we are all rooting for you!

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