Alakamisy Ambohimaha!

Site placement, Alakamisy Ambohimaha!! The 29 volunteers in my stage were told our sites yesterday at PCTC. It was actually really cute how they told us. A huge map of Madagascar was painted on the basketball court and the LCFs and PCVTs (PCV trainers) blindfolded us and let us to our sites where we all took off our blindfolds and found out our sites together.


We were given a packet of info about our site as well as an official welcome letter. My letter was in my eyes so cute that I just have to share it with y’all.

PCV Christina Nielsen,

You have been assigned to Alakamisy Ambohimaha in the Haute Matsiatra Region.

Your degree in science in Hospitality Management as well as your trainig in entrepreneurship, human resources, strategic leadership, accounting, and marketing played a key role in this decision. There is also a wide range of potential secondary projects such as English clubs, environment, health sensitization, etc. The counterpart agency encourages any secondary project (in any sector) you wish to pursue. Keep up with your passion for community (particularly youth) development, thus continue to train youth and adults in different computer skills.

The position needs you to work within a governmental structure, without really working with them. You will have to take initiative, be active in your community, be self-motivated and a strong self-starter. As there is no specific project to place for you, you must be able to identify potential projects and create plans and objectives within the projects’ counterparts. The existing fields of activities are tourism, hotels, restaurants/hotelys–your favorites–painting, embroidery, design, woodwork, brick making, soldering, and agrobusiness. The choice is yours, the municipality staff is very busy and most likely to leave you to do your work with minimal supervision, but they need to be kept abreast of your endeavors.

Congratulations Christina!

Lucie, Robert, Leif Davenport

So Alakamisy get ready for me! I’ll see you in a few weeks!



3 thoughts on “Alakamisy Ambohimaha!

  1. Kimmie Lough says:

    That is so cool…you get to pick your own project. Wow that is crazy to think…you could change that area with an idea you have. Have fun with this quest and I cant wait to hear what you come up with. Miss you little one.

  2. Jack and Linda Nielsen says:

    That’s really great. Dad and I are so proud of you and know you will do a great job. Good to see your picture, too. What a tan!! Hope you get your packages soon. Talk to you this weekend. Love, mom and dad

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