It’s days like these when I really cherish family

So as I’m sitting here in a hospital room at Irvine Hoag on Thanksgiving day, my thoughts kept drifting to family. Yes, my dad keeps snoozing off in the hospital bed across from me, but I do enjoy having all my family in one city even under the given circumstances.

So on this day I am thankful for many things: for the Irvine Paramedics and Fire Department for responding to my house so quickly at 2am on Wednesday, for the staff at Hoag ER who were able to determine what was wrong with my dad after only a few hours (and no sarcasm intended, honestly), and for Vilma, my dad’s nurse and one of the nicest and most accomodating people at this hospital. The official diagnosis for my dad is Pulminary embolism (as for spelling, I have no idea; hospitality major in college here). But in common terms, he had two blood clots, one on each side of his lungs. It’s the same thing that caused my aunt’s death at the beginning of the year.

And while my family may not be having a Thanksgiving dinner, I am thankful that in one days time, my dad will probably be at home, where he should be.

But enough of the somberness…Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy the tv show marathons, football games, and stuffing your face with not so healthy food.

And a word I learned today… kolokoloko….turkey. So enjoy your kolokoloko for me :).


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