What I can expect.

This is what I have learned about what my life will be like for the next three years:

• I better get used to eating rice. Lots and lots of rice.

• Marriage proposals will come quite frequently.

• Don’t EVER look into the latrine.

• Crystal light packages are a very strong payment method when trading with another volunteer.

• Rats love to live in your ceiling.

• Taxi brousses—bring something to put in your lap. That way you can’t fit another person in the car and your lap ends up the additional seat.

• My bike and me might just become best friends.

• Books will try to prevent the boredom

• If is see a bat, do not freak out. I guess it’s quite frequent.

• Coloring books are a huge hit with the children, but once you give them one, they most definitely will come back for more.

• My name will be changed to “vazaha”—aka white person/foreigner

• A five minute walk may take an hour. Everyone wants to speak to you on the way.

• Did I mention that I better like rice? Pretty much guaranteed for at least two meals a day. Good thing I loveeeee rice!

And this is just one month of reading of blogs from volunteers in Madagascar. Just the tip of the iceberg. As the time dwindles down, I get more and more antsy. And I get more and more excited. Is it weird I’m sorta excited to live without electricity? It is isn’t it…


4 thoughts on “What I can expect.

  1. Emily Silman (@see_emily_play) says:

    Haha– funny tip about the taxi brousses. What is one supposed to put in your lap to prevent someone from sitting on it? Does a backpack suffice, I wonder?

    I’ll have to get some coloring books to bring as gifts for kids… I just went to Michael’s and happened upon a massive sale of kid’s tchotchkes (30 cent packets of hair elastics, $1 boxes of temporary tattoos, etc) so I did a bit of stocking up for things to bring kids.

    And I’ve been hearing a lot about the constant presence of mice/rats in volunteers’ houses…. I am pretty rodent-a-phobic so this will probably be my toughest challenge… eep!

  2. cmnielsen says:

    I would assume a large bag would definitely suffice, but who knows. And Party City cringes whenever I walk in because I have stocked up on little things to give kids.

    I hope things are going well with you and PC preparations. It’s exciting! Only four months away…

  3. Jen says:

    I promise to send you stuff ;) I have a whole cabinet full of stuff n I promise to hide it in ways you wouldn’t know lol… We will come up with our own secret language … I miss u but I know you will do well ;) lots of love and best wishes

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