Expect the unexpected. I’m going to Madagascar! Even though Madagascar was my second choice–my first being Ghana–it honestly didn’t register this is where I would be assigned. Francophone Africa is essentially Northern Africa besides Madagascar, so the odds of me getting my second choice were slim to none. However, I open my Invitation Packet and there it is, the big bold letters of Madagascar staring back at me. Ask my parents, I think I let out a loud yelp and probably stopped breathing. Madagascar, as in the island off of the coast of Africa, Madagascar? Madagascar. :))))

So am I thrilled I got Madagascar? Absolutely! As I have already told my coworkers, my head is still in the clouds. It is still nearly 7 months away and yet I can’t help but find myself making lists of things I need to do and items I should get. Maybe getting too ahead of myself? Oh well, we’ll see…


5 thoughts on “MADAGASCAR! :)

  1. Emily Silman (@see_emily_play) says:

    Congratulations on the invite and I am glad to have found you! I wonder if we are the only 2 people with Madagascar Feb 2012 invitations, since it is 6 months away. I was looking to see if there’s a Facebook group yet, but there doesn’t seem to be.

    It’s funny, there are actually 20+ African countries that are considered “Francophone”, and most of them are not in Northern Africa, they are in Sub-Saharan/Western Africa. That’s where I thought I would end up– somewhere like Benin, Cameroon, Senegal, etc. So Madagascar but definitely a surprise for me too, but it’s one that I am thrilled about!

    • cmnielsen says:

      I did find someone else from our group on twitter and I looked for a Facebook group as well, but couldn’t find one either. I actually tried to make a group but couldn’t because you have to have at least one other person to make it.

  2. Emily Silman (@see_emily_play) says:

    Aww!!! Haha that is funny. Do you want to try making it again and you can add me as the other person? Then we can post the link to the PC Wiki site so the other invitees can join as they get invited.

    Also, I found the group for July 2011 and it’s kind of fun to read through their postings.

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